Sunday, November 17, 2013


Sunset in Lucerne Valley CA ©Fayme Harper 2013

Hummingbird feeder after windstorm.

Lid to hummingbird feeder stuck on the fence.
I was in the yard doing an embroidery project of a hummingbird. Then I heard a hummingbird. It hovered around me for a bit, and that reminded me that I was going to hang up the hummingbird feeders again. It was big, as hummingbirds go.

During the last windstorm, both my hummingbird feeders blew away. Today I did my best to get them back in place. The plastic one lost one yellow 'eye' around a nozzle, but was otherwise functional. The glass bottle feeder that I made survived as well, but needed a thorough cleaning. Then they both got filled with sugar water and hung back up. I'm sure by morning they'll find it again and carry on.

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